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Welcome to our Silipos orthopedic and skin care catalog, home of the Silosheath, (click for more about Silosheath, Siloliner, and other prosthetic wearers' protection products). We offer gel orthotics and prosthetics for foot care, and for the amputee. Our products include gel liner for artificial limb, metatarsal pads, diabetic foot socks (softsocks and softwalk socks), toe spreaders, toe separators, shoe inserts, and heel cups for heel pain that may be caused by heel spurs or for most any other heel/foot/toe problems (WonderCup, Wondersport, and WonderSpur). We also carry skin protection gel supports made with Silipos proprietary gel including, but not limited to: bunion pads, corn pads for non-painful corn removal, and pads for blisters and calluses. Our Silipos products are great for foot care, prosthetics and orthotics, orthopedics, wound care, burn care, and home health care. Silipos is a global leader in gel technologies and a leader in skin care protection. All of Silipos' products are washable and reusable, and are ideal for protection of toes and fingers. We offer a Silipos product for almost all digital (finger or toe) conditions that would benefit from the cushion effect of Silipos gel, including but not limited to: digital pads, digital toe caps, digitube, digistrip and gel tubing. For podiatrists, we offer the convenient and easy to refill Silipos digital care kit for all your finger, toe, and foot care needs.

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